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How to avoid the risk of online event fatigue

Online event fatigue is increasing. I believe most of us would agree, its easy to find better sources of energy then staring at a static screen.

Alongside the rocketed trend of online event, online event fatigue is increasing as its evil step sister. I believe most of us would agree, its easy to find better sources of energy then staring at a static screen and listening to a monotonous presenter.

However, most of us also agree creating engaging content that suits all attendees at all time is quite a struggle. In fact it will probably never happen, however keep trying and never give up. Meanwhile, we have created a short list for you how to help you help your audience to avoid online event fatigue.


  1. Be over evident with what your offer and what your attendees can expect to get out from the event. Two to three things tops.
  2. When you send out a pre event reminder, attach or link to the agenda again
  3. We presume you have a rock solid and lightning fast internet connection. However, remind your attendees to ensure they have a strong internet connection. A bad connection can really ruin not only their day. Having an angry attendee that don't want to accept their part in the problem can really ruin any event no matter how good content is. Don't let their bad connection affect the experience of your event if avoidable. Actually, if you have an attendee with a bad connection and you record the event. Kindly inform them that they can see it afterwards.
  4. Ask your attendees to do a soundcheck before entering the event.
  5. Offer and attach a checklist to your attendees in the confirmation and in the reminders for how to maximize their experience and use of your event. We have produced one that you can use, download here.
  6. Offer a voucher at Uber Eats, Foodora, Starbucks or any other place where your attendee can pick up their some snack, lunch or coffee.

List to attendees

  • Check you internet WIFI /internet connection before the event starts
  • Do a sound and camera check before entering the event
  • Check the agenda of the event. For longer events block time in your agenda so
  • you don’t have to hustle between attending and your day to day todos.
  • Get yourself a good spot, great coffee, nearby snacks or fruit and headphones.
  • Enjoy :)



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