Nordiwa - The Leading Nordic event for water professionals - chose Invajo (fd. AppInConf)

Thanks to the digital platform all presentations could be recorded and are now easily available for the 310 participants to watch.

The Nordic organisations in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden for water&waste water operators, with Svenskt Vatten as a host, invited all Nordic water professionals with an interest in better water environment, wastewater treatment, circular economy and resource recovery, sewerage and climate change mitigation and adaptation to join us at the NORDIWA 2021, read more at

Anders Finnson, Senior Advicor at the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association and member of the Nordiwa 2021 Programme Comittee comment:

- The interest among practitioners, experts and researchers to present and share their latest results, knowledge and experiences from the Nordic countries, has this pandemic year just been overwhelming. The eagerness to share with others has never been so obvious, therefore the on-line NORDIWA conference needed an inviting and engaging, stable and agile digital platform – and we did choose AppInfCon.

Nordiwa 2021 engaged 170 presenters and 40 moderators in five parallel tracks including workshops. The target groups were experts and practitioners, managers and operators, city planners, researchers, engineers, advisors and others with an interest in wastewater management, urban drainage and climate adaptation in the Nordic region. 

Anders Finnson again:

- We had good news for those who do not have enough split vision to watch five parallel tracks simultaneously – thanks to the digital platform from AppInfCon all presentations could be recorded and are now easily available for the 310 participants to also watch during October and November.


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