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Collect valuable data through smart surveys.

Collect valuable data from participants, create engagement and maximize ROI.

The conference is over and your participants have left the premises. Does this mean you're done? We don't think so. This is when you should utilize data collection for future events.

You and your team spend countless hours to make sure your conference, webinar or meeting is as succesful as possible. You strategise, plan and execute it all:

  • You create hype
  • You make qualitative content
  • Create a beautiful invite
  • Arrange a great welcome
  • Make sure there's many inspiring discussions and interactions during the day and much, much more.

But then what?

A simple but important post-event activity, beyond sending the mandatory thank you, is to send out a survey. Through a survey you maximize your investment while gathering valuable data for future events. There are many ways to build a smart survey workflow in Invajo, and it's often better to send at least one question than to send none at all.

Ask open questions

With open questions we mean questions that cannot be answered through a simple "yes" or "no", a grading scale or preset alternatives. In other words: an open question ("free text"-answer") forces your participants to elaborate on their thoughts and gives you ample information on questions you might never have thought to ask. Open questions can be leading, such as "what did you think of the event space" or open, such as "other comments". If your participants have had an outstanding experience or something that really bugged them, they are likely to tell you in this part of the survey.

Survey = Feedback

Without feedback it's hard to learn from past mistakes and make important changes to future events. You might also, unknowingly, remove an aspect of your event that was highly appreciated. To streamline the process, prepare the type of survey you want to send out before the event. On our platform, you can set the survey to be automatically sent out when the event is finished. Since the survey is then sent out without due delay, your response frequency will be higher and you won't have to do a bunch of work on an executed event when you other issues seem more pressing.

You'll find the survey tool under the "After event-page"-section of the platform.


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