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Virtual conference with 1200 participants spread all over the world a success

Yes, who would have thought that it would be such a total success, really beyond all expectations for how smoothly everything went, says Ulla Conti

Like so many other conferences, the AEPC (The Association for European Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology) had to postpone its congress, which should have been held in May last year. Almost exactly twelve months later, it was implemented completely digitally with the help of AppInConf's virtual platform and with streaming from the Swedish Exhibition and Convention Center's studio. The congress began with a video greeting from H.M. The queen.


Ulla Conti, Congress Manager at Resia Congress comments:

- Yes, who would have thought that it would be such a total success, really beyond all expectations for how smoothly everything went. We had 1200 participants spread all over the world with eight parallel sessions where 300 speakers were distributed on different sessions, we had over 300 scientific posters and everything just worked. I'm really looking forward to doing this again soon.

Despite some objections from speakers who are used to broadcasting live via link, this time the organizer had chosen to let the lecturers record all speeches in advance which could then be easily uploaded to the platform.

Jan Sunnegårdh, MD, PhD Professor, Pediatric Cardiology and chairman of the local organizing committee:

- Now in retrospect, I think that everyone involved agrees that it was a wise decision with many obvious benefits as the majority of the speakers were ready well before the congress began. When it was time, the speakers only needed to be connected for 30-45 minutes on a link to answer questions that the moderator received via chat and asked orally. The fact that the moderators had access to material before, I think, was a contributing factor to the quality of the discussions being at such a high level.

Despite the fact that Jan Sunnegårdh and Ulla Conti, just like many of us, lack the physical meeting, they see great advantages with virtual alternatives and agree that we will see more of this form of meetings even after the pandemic. Ulla Conti fills in:


- Even though the premises at the Swedish Exhibition Center could be experienced as a bit empty without all participants physically in place, it was exciting to see how quickly the transition took place and how easy it was to have the participants in place digitally. I believe that AppInConf has created a platform that covers all needs and offers a really good experience for all stakeholders in this type of congress on its virtual platform. In addition to some really good features for speakers that I mentioned earlier, you have digital posters and virtual booths for exhibitors and sponsors, which together gave a complete experience. Another advantage of this type of meeting is that you can choose to keep all lectures, posters and exhibitions available on the platform. In this case, all participants have access to the entire program for another month after the end of the congress.

Love Carlsson acting CEO of Invajo / AppInConf comments:

- Positive feedback is always nice, but above all I see it as a confirmation that the platform is ready when we now scale up to take on much larger and more complex events.

For further information, please contact:
Andreas Andersson, Sales Manager, AppInConf
Phone: +46 707 125 798




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