Answer: It is an event that addresses an audience on site as well as online.


The pandemic has brought a lot of news in a short time. Perhaps the notion “hybrid event” was created pre Covid, though the the big breakthrough came during the pandemic.


So is it a one hit wonder or will it last?


Hybrid events will will most certain not only remain but develop. There is no contradiction between physical and digital events, rather it is a matter of preferences among individuals/attendees. Some people prefer the physical meeting and being on site while others prefer to participate online, says Mickaela Persson, Sales Manager at Invajo.

For Mickaela and her colleague Mikaela Häggström, who talks to event organizers on a daily basis, it is obvious how quickly the industry has changed and adapted to new circumstances.

The technology existed and some of our customers carried out digital events before, but the phenomenon of hybrid events has really taken off and many have discovered  the advantages of accessibility that this platform offers. All of a sudden, you can arrange events in Kiruna, north of sweden, with participants and maybe speakers, based in Smygehuk at the very end of the south coast  of Sweden. With greater accessibility comes larger and also new target groups, says Mikaela Häggström, Key Account Manager at Invajo

And there are more benefits to hybrid events:


  • Record at the same time and make it available afterwards
  • Cost-effective, less need for premises, food and staff
  • Sustainable and responsible with fewer trips, which benefits our environment.